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Lightyears is a musical story of how our world probably could end in 7 billion years and how mankind will try to survive. When the Sun collapses it will also eliminate our whole Sun system. So what will mankind do to survive? Well, in my imagination they´re leaving the Earth by a Spaceship to travel to another Class M Planet. In Lightyears , I have tried to describe this long travel in a musical way. The first parts were composed in 1999 already. So I've worked on this idea for a couple of years. This time I've had a little assist by two of my musical colleges and friends, Alexander Seewald and Manuel Bumb, witch both created Samples and Sound Scapes to connect the musical parts. The single tracks "morph" into each other , so you can listen to it like a whole Story without breaks. Besides the music (witch was all done by my self), Alex Seewald also wrote a little treatise about what will exactly happen when the Sun explodes and what could to be done to survive. This can be read in the CD booklet.

Guido Meyer, 2005

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