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Music composed and recorded on analog tape in 1996.

Digitally remastered and published for the very first time in 2006.

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  1. The Seed
  2. Confused Hunchback
  3. Useless Toys
  4. A pair of Shoes
  5. Ramon
  6. Way Home
  7. Gazah Stripe
  8. Your Fields

In 1996, I remember I was out of money, or better yet let's say broke, but I had some musical ideas on my mind. So a friend of mine lent his Atari and some Synths to me (thank's Gerhard Müller) so I could develop my compositions: 8 tracks which I called "Installations". I recorded them (in 1996) straight from my MIDI Setup to analog tape. But I had neither the possibility to publish it nor was I interested in publishing it. But now, ten years later...I am.

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