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The Glassforest

The Glassforest

Released in June 2008 and available now!

Click on the links to hear soundclips:

  1. Into the Forest
  2. Shimmering Light through the Trees
  3. The Mountain and the Lake
  4. Deep, Deep in the Forest
  5. Night Falls
  6. A New Morning
  7. Lost and Perished in the Forest

Well, it's a while ago The Glassforest was composed...almost eighteen years. Even if the music is old I still always wanted to re-record it one fine day, and if only for the simple reason that it was my first "serious" composition. For years I was too busy with other projects, then finally in 2008 I found the time. Also The Glassforest sounds more like classical music and does not represent my current style in any way. But still I like this old music, that actually built the foundation for all the following music I did and hopefully will do.

Gudio Meyer

Without any doubt this concerns a very interesting and well considered composition. It contains an arrangement full of tension and a very interesting instrumentation, even It is recorded with electronic sound machines. The variations over a harmonic, periodic foundation bases on a good idea. Also the meaning of the track titles is original. Of course the question remains where The Glassforest should be settled. There is the "earnest/serious" and the "entertaining" music. Surely it should not be considered as "earnest" music. It rather finds it's place in the "entertaining" section. That is reasoned in the harmonic structure and the periodic arrangement. Also the themes and their changes are flattering. But that does not mean it is no good music. Well, I like the piece very much inside itself it is very consequent and logical.

Prof. Hans — Rudolf — Johner
University Mannheim/Germany

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