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1987 Guido Meyer (First Demo tape)
1988 Guido Meyer 2 (second Demo tape)
1990 Escape from the Darklands (third Demo tape)
1992 The Glassforest
The Glassforest
(re-recorded and released in 2008)
1994 Episodes 1
Episodes 1
(re-mastered and released on CD-r in 2004)
1994 Episodes 2
Episodes 2
(re-mastered and released on CD-r in 2004)
1996 Installations
(re-mastered and released on CD in 2006)
2004 Towards the blue horizon
Towards the evening star
2005 Lightyears
(recent release)
2006 Cyscoop
2007 Connected to the Dead
Connected to the Dead
Brand-new album!
2010 Durathon
Coming March 2010!

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