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Connected to the Dead

Connected to the Dead

Music composed and recorded in 2007.

Click on the links to hear soundclips:

  1. The Gathering
  2. Connected to the Dead
  3. On the Other Side
  4. Meeting Amely
  5. Paranormal Activity
  6. Multidimensional
  7. Ghost Sonata
  8. Among the Living
  9. In Memory
  10. Will We Meet Again?

The Story:

Well, the whole idea about “Connected to the Dead” is based on a conceptual story of a group of people, which have come together to talk to the Dead! Trying to catch some voices on tape, maybe a face on video. Moving tables and glasses. Some of you surely have also had experiences like those. I remembered my aunt back in the early 1980s. She started to get in contact with the paranormal after her husband passed away. After an introduction she started to ask questions to the “People on the other Side”. And while she was talking, she recorded everything on tape. So during the session there was only my aunt to be heard. But after the tape was rewound and played, some strange voices were to be heard in the gaps as my aunt was silent. Anyway, I remember all this as very scary! But also I found it to be a very interesting theme to be converted into music.

The Music:

I guess “Connected to the Dead” is the most experimental album I‘ve done so far. Usually I first compose all the music before I record it, but this time the progression of composing and recording/producing almost became one thing! I simply changed the way I used to work. And I am convinced this will be heard in every single note of this album. Beside my guitars and synths, I also used some more or less unconventional instruments. Also the human voice is very prominent in nearly every track, often arranged with effects. Like always, I did not care about musical restrictions. For example I tried to combine Heavy Metal with Meditation tunes (“On the other Side”) and musical riffs turn into spheric soundscapes and back. I had a lot of pleasure recording “Connected to the Dead”; I hope you enjoy listening.

Gudio Meyer

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